11-year-old to become Britain’s youngest mother!

Police investigating case

An 11-year-old girl is set to become Britain’s youngest mother.
The child, who cannot be identified, is expected to give birth in the near future.
Police are investigating the case, with the father understood to be only a few years older than the mother.
Few details about the pregnancy can be made public for legal reasons and the local authority is seeking strict reporting restrictions in the family division of the High Court.
News of the case comes just weeks after a woman who was once Britain’s youngest mother announced that she was expecting a second child more than a decade later.
Tressa Middleton, from West Lothian in Scotland, was 12 when she gave birth to a daughter after being raped by her brother.
She raised the child for the first two years but Annie was taken into care as a toddler after she revealed the identity of the father to authorities.

source: dailymail.co.uk