17 refugees in Lesvos test positive to Covid-19

Two reception centres in Lesvos have been quarantined

Seventeen of the 38 refugees and illegal immigrants who arrived in Lesvos, on a beach in the Plomari area on August 4, tested positive to Covid-19.

As the National Organisation of Public Health (EODY) announced in the Municipality of Mytilene, the 17 people who have symptoms, will remain in isolation in the quarantine structure in the hospitality area of ​​Kara Tepe for 14 days, until the programmed re-examination takes place.

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As of August 1, two other boats have arrived, in addition to the one in Plomari with 38 passengers. One boat with 32 passengers arrived on the night of August 3rd in the area of ​​Mystegna and the other, carrying 48 refugees and illegal migrants, arrived last Saturday morning, August 8, at a beach in northeastern Lesvos.

Everyone in the structures of Kara Tepe in Mytilene and in Megala Therma of northern Lesvos will be isolated as a precaution in efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.