2-day Spanish theatrical festival on December 3 & 4

Famous Spanish playwrights to take part

A 2-day cultural event showcasing parts of Spanish theatre plays will take place on December 3 and 4 at the Enastron Theatre (21 Deligianni St.), in Athens for the first time ever. 80 renowned Spanish playwrights will participate in the festival and present the various trends and genres in contemporary Spanish theatre, under the direction of Stylianos Rodarelis, professor of theatrical studies at the University of Peloponnese. The organisers aim to establish the event as a permanent cultural event in an effort to expand and enrich the collaboration between Spanish and Greek dramaturgy. Among the Spanish playwrights presenting their works will be Antonio Bueno, Raul Ernandez Garrido, Adolfo Simon and Luis Fernando de Julian, who will also take part in an open round table discussion on the first day of the festival under the title “The magical world of Spanish dramaturgy”. Following the talk the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the recitation of excerpts of Spanish plays both on the first and second day of the festival. Students of the Theatrical Studies of Nafplio will present brief theatrical acts during the second day, while Spanish dramatists and actors will also put on acts. The event is free for the public.

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