236 refugees arrive in Lesvos and Chios

They were all taken to the receptions centres and applied for asylum

A total of 236 refugees and illegal immigrants arrived on the islands of Lesvos and Chios. They reached on six boats, three of which landed in Lesvos on Monday morning, with one boat carrying 33 people, while two others 42 and 48, respectively.

All of them were transported to the commercial port of Mytilene and from there to the reception and identification center in Moria, where they applied for asylum.
The other three boats arrived in Chios. One with 37 people in Karfas, another with 38 people in Oinousses and finally the third in Emporio of Chios with another 38 people. All of them were transferred to the Reception and Identification Center of VIAL where they applied for asylum.