24 year old Swedish earns 4 million dollars per year by playing video games

He has managed to build a base of 27 million subscribers

Felix Kjellberg seemingly has a very low key image and avoids attracting all kinds of attention.
But in front of a Web-camera, Kjellberg literally transforms. The 24 year old becomes the PewDiePie, which is the biggest star of YouTube by far. With a complete unorthodox approach to video games, he has managed to build a base of 27 million subscribers.
The videos that he uploads on YouTube are not the traditional game reviews. “Pewds”, as he is often called, simply plays games, and allows the audience, mostly teenagers to express their views. In the meantime, viewers see Kjellberg making faces, shouting, swearing, singing or doing lewd dance moves.

By creating the PewDiePie five years ago, Felix managed to transform his alter ego to a brand name that raises 4 million dollars per year.

The notability of PewDiePie in the world of internet and video gaming has reached a point where a single clip of his, is enough  to skyrocket the popularity of a game. For example, this year, he posted a video of “Flappy Bird’ and added the sentence” Do not play this game.” Very soon, millions of users downloaded the game. As a result it became one of the biggest hits worldwide.