300 men in chains freed from Islamic school in Nigeria

Some of the students were raped

Over 300 young men were rescued from a second Nigerian Islamic boarding school where they were chained up and raped, following a similar raid last month.

Police raided the Islamic school facilities in the state of northern Katsina after being informed of the conditions by some of the men that had managed to escape and ran out on the streets and protest.
The men, most of whom were enrolled in the school by their families to be taught Quranic scriptures, with some being sent for treatment of drug addiction, were living under great distress as they were placed in shackles and were subjected to torture.

This is a second case of, as recently some 500 men and young boys had also been freed from an Islamic boarding school in Kaduna, around 280 miles south of Daura, where students had been chained, hung from the ceiling and beaten, authorities said.
Katsina police chief Sanusi Buba said they intervened after they found out about the inhuman treatments they were being subjected to and revolted. The school was run by a Muslim cleric for 40 years who had passed it on to his son.

According to the police chief, the abused inmates were ‘subjected to inhuman conditions,’ with some of the students revealing that they were sodomised by their teachers.

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