5.600-year-old Mummy reveals oldest Egyptian embalming recipe ever found

Fred proves that Egyptians had been using embalming practices for more than 1.500 years longer than scientists believed


One incredibly well-preserved 5.600-year-old mummy is now upending much of what we thought we knew about Ancient Egyptian embalming.

A new study published in the Journal of Archaeological Science shows strong evidence that embalming practices in Ancient Egypt were in place more than 1.500 years earlier than previously believed.

A team of researchers made their conclusions after examining “Fred,” an exceptionally well-preserved mummy discovered more than 100 years ago and housed in Turin’s Egyptian Museum since 1901, according to National Geographic. After being brought to the museum originally, the mummy had not undergone any additional preservation methods, which meant that he would be the perfect subject for investigation in terms of how he was preserved the first time around.

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