5 most expensive luxury private jets ever built (photos)

Now back to reality…

Traveling economy class on transatlantic flights can be…let’s say a little cramped. We all have probably wondered how it would feel, if money was not an issue and we could travel through the skies in ‘disgusting’ luxury. Some people don’t dream at all because this is their lifestyle. Let’s talk a look at the top 5 super-luxury private jets that the ‘filthy’ rich use to get from one continent to another.

5. Gulfstream G550-$59.9 million




This business jet can accommodate up to 16 passengers and offer bedding for 6 people. It was built to transport government officials and VIP.

4. Airbus A319 Corporate Jet-$80.7 million



This private jet was designed for wealthy corporates who love luxury 24/7. Airbus offers its clients the opportunity to design the jet themselves, but this will add a few million dollars on the price tag. It can accommodate 8 guests.

3. Boeing 767-$118 million


This is huge and unsurprisingly Russian billionaire owner of Chelsea Roman Abramovich billionaire has one to fly around and close deals for his club. Included in the huge ‘bird’ is a 30-seat dining room, a master bedroom and other luxurious facilities.

2. Boeing 474-8 VIP-$153 million


747-8 In-flight Artwork  K64146

The world’s second most expensive private jet is another Boeing. For 153 million you get the standard model (!!), but if you can spend some more you customise it to fit your boss demands!

1. Airbus A380-$300 million



This is the top of the luxury crop and is completely customisable to meet all your whims. That’s why Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal is the proud owner of a custom-made Airbus A380 that cost him over $500 million.