800 Ancient Roman amphorae confirm 6th AD shipwreck off Akrotiri-Dreamers Bay in Cyprus

In the middle of the wreck lies an Aswan granite column also believed to belong to the vessel

The discovery of 800 Roman amphorae dating to the end of the 6th or the 7th century AD and scattered over an area of approximately 130,000 sqm at the Akrotiri-Dreamer’s Bay ancient port has confirmed the shipwreck of a substantial vessel for that period.

According to the Cyprus Department of Antiquities, Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Works the 2019 underwater archaeological mission at the Akrotiri-Dreamer’s Bay ancient port, in the Limassol District, has been completed.

The survey was carried out by staff from the University of Southampton, Centre for Maritime Archaeology, as part of the Ancient Akrotiri Project, an ongoing collaborative research project on the peninsula conducted since 2015 and led by the University of Leicester.

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