9-month pregnant mom boxing! (video-photos)

Exercise during pregnancy is highly recommended, she says

A boxing mad mother-to-be who exercised for four hours a week during her pregnancy claims her regime cured her morning sickness.
Vicky Sim has spent her pregnancy eating clean foods and raw veg as she was still showing off her toned bump in the ring up until her due date today.
Still boasting perfect abs until she was seven months’ pregnant, the super toned gym owner, 39, has only put on 11kg throughout her pregnancy.
Vicky said: “It would have been hard for me to stop exercising during my pregnancy but luckily there was no reason for me to do so and I was able to continue boxing throughout.
“Exercise during pregnancy is highly recommended and fitness and good health is the world I live in – I just love how it makes me feel.
“You can’t be in a ring sparring as obviously I wouldn’t do anything where my baby could get hurt, but this is non-combat and isn’t rough.
“When you are pregnant there are so many restrictions and physical and emotional changes which can be hard to adjust to but exercise really helps you feel good.

source: mirror.co.uk