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9 reasons why foreplay is better than sex

Women can’t get get pregnant…

Having satisfying sex with your partner is widely accepted as being an important factor in being in a good relationship. However, women and men are different creatures when it comes to what turns them on in in the bed. Men are more visual, while women are more cerebral. when you consider that around 1 in 3 women are unable to climax through sex alone, there becomes a strong reason to believe that it’s not the shagging itself that does the job, but the stuff that comes before it. For women, foreplay is intimate, intense and often “sexier” than sex. Here are 17 reasons foreplay is better than sex:
1. Multi-task

Try to pleasure more than one body part at a time, which helps double the sensation and the chance for orgasms.
2. Understand the joy of giving
Yes, we are in it to pleasure ourselves, but there is something exceptionally sexy to giving pleasure to our partner.
3. Orgasm more easily
Use your upper and lower limbs with imagination…
4. Repetition
Whilst there are a multitude of sexual positions one can enjoy, when it comes to steady relationships, couples often find themselves developing sexual habits and routines.
5. Size doesn’t matter

Because when a man has his fingering technique on point, who cares if he’s got a chipolata.
6. It’s more intimate
Having your partner’s genitals in your mouth is FAR more intimate than the Missionary position.
7. It doesn’t matter if he can’t get it up

All men have their moments. No judgement here.

8. You learn more about each other’s bodies
I like a good shag as much as the next person, but true intimacy isn’t just about inserting a penis into a vagina – it’s about kissing, touching and exploring each other.
It’s about taking time to really understand what turns your partner on.
9. You can’t get pregnant
Which can sometimes be one less thing to worry about