90 years of Ferrari in a 90-second video

Scuderia Ferrari has passionate fans across the globe

This year Scuderia Ferrari is celebrating 90 years of racing history and the Italians created a 90-second video to mark the event!

Fitting 90 years of the iconic brand name in motorsports is quite a difficult feat considering Maranello’s rich heritage on the race tracks. Every turn, every straight, every victory, moments of its glorious past, parade on your screen in the 1.30- minute-long footage.

A story of nine decades, with more than 250 drivers fighting on the race courses around the globe, in some great duels which lead to more than 500 wins!

From Gilles Villeneuve to Michael Schumacher and from Niki Lauda to Scuderia’s current pilots, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc, small pieces of history compose an impressive mosaic.

“90 years in 90 seconds: every corner, every straight and every victory is part of our 90 year legacy. We celebrate the success, over the decades, of the most celebrated Formula 1 team in history.”