A granny fight sees one in hospital and the other on the run

Oh, those grannies…


A fight between two grannies in Tala, Paphos saw one end up in hospital and the other wanted by police after a disappearing act.

The senior citizens row centred over the right to use water to irrigate a field – after strong words were exchanged it then turned physical.

Police were called in to investigate the incident which saw an 84-year-old woman needing hospital treatment and a 70-year-old wanted by the authorities.

At some point during the argument on Tuesday afternoon the 70-year-old allegedly pushed her elder causing the 84-year-old to lose her balance and fall against a concrete wall injuring various parts of her body

The 84-year-old is being treated for her injuries at Paphos General Hospital while police were unable to locate the other suspect.

An arrest warrant was issued against the 70-year-old grandma whom police are still searching for.