A new wave of bad weather is on the way!

Rain and storms almost all over the country

Spring will have to wait a bit more, as it seems that the bad weather of the last couple of months is still refusing to leave the country alone…

The western and northern mountain areas will see some sporadic snowfall while the winds will be south-southwest and locally as strong as 7 Beaufords in the Aegean.

On Monday, the weather will affect the Ionian, the western mainland, the northwest Peloponnese, Thessaly, northern and eastern Aegean and probably Thrace. On the afternoon, the phenomena will be limited to the eastern Aegean where they will finally end.

In Attica, the will be clouds and some rain, the winds will be southwest 3 to 5 Beaufords while the temperature will be between 5 to 16 Celsius.

In Thessaloniki, there will some clouds and locally limited visibility or fogs in the morning and night hours. The temperature will be between 8 to 12 Celsius.