A priest broke into a private chapel to perform liturgy on the island of Hydra (photos)

The owner of the chapel sued the priest

A priest broke into a private chapel last Saturday to perform the liturgy, despite the Covid-19 lockdown measures.

The incident occurred on the island of Hydra, when a priest, despite the strict measures banning gatherings in places of worship, broke into a private church to perform the function.

According to the plaintiff, who wons the private chapel, the priest had contacted him on the phone, asking him for the keys from the chapel, to operate last Saturday.

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The plaintiff, who is a resident of Piraeus, refused, as he claims, to send the keys to Hydra, due to the restrictions and prohibitions that apply due to the pandemic, however, the priest was not to be denied.

He violated the front door lock of the private church and proceeded to perform the services. The owner of the chapel filed a lawsuit against the priest, both for the damage to the door and for any responsibilities that could arise from the possible attendance of people.