A robot can print a $32,000 house in less than a day! (photos-video)

You can go completely off the grid

The days when building a house was dependent on craftsmen and builders and took some time to finish seem to be fading into the past, as technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Small houses can now be built by automating the whole process through the use of 3D printers in less than a day! A Ukrainian start-up called “Passivdom” uses a 3D printing robot to print parts of a tiny house. The machine can prints walls, roofs and floors of Passivdom’s 115-square metre model in only 8 hours! The windows, doors, plumbing, and electrical systems are then added by a human worker. When complete, the homes are completely autonomous and mobile, meaning they don’t need to connect to external electrical and plumbing systems. Solar energy is stored in a battery connected to the houses, and water is collected and filtered from humidity in the air (or you can pour water into the system yourself). The houses also feature an independent sewage system.
Passivdom’s homes, which start at $31,900, are now available for pre-order online in Ukraine and the US, and the first ones will be delivered later this year.

source: businessinsider.com