A secret Knights Templar tunnel that remained hidden for 700 years (photos)

Acre was a strategically significant Mediterranean port, and controlling it was key to controlling access to the rest of the region

In the Middle Ages, crusaders from the Latin West left an indelible mark on the cities of the Near East, constructing castles and fortresses that would withstand successive waves of conquest.

Many of these castles still stand today, and in some cases, remain in use. Krak des Chevaliers, perhaps the most iconic crusader castle, was even occupied and used as a military base in the recent Syrian conflict.

However, many of these impressive structures have yet to give up all of their secrets. Even in the late 20th century, crusader structures were still being discovered in the Levant, the most notable of which was the 350 meter (985 feet) “Templar tunnel” running underneath the modern city of Acre. These discoveries continue to shed light on this fascinating period of Middle Eastern history.

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