Abducted businessman freed after Hellenic Police Special Forces’ raid! (PHOTOS)

A huge success for the Greek police!

The Hellenic Police Special Forces (EKAM) managed to free businessman Michalis Lempidakis after he remained hostage for ransom for six months!

According to the first information, the police raided a used car business near the Zurida bridge in Rethymnon, Crete where they identified the businessman tied up.


In the operation, which started in the night, officers from all police departments participated.
The businessman from Heraklion is in relatively good health considering his six-months ordeal.

The police have so far made seven arrests.


The abduction

It was March 30, 2017 when the kidnappers stopped the businessman’s car.


The perpetrators had requested more than 200 million euros for his release! Since then, their demands lowered the money they were asking several times, as the family of Michalis Lempidakis was unable to raise more than 10 million Euros.

In their last communication, the perpetrators had requested EUR 18 million.