Able to book a hotel in space … in 2020 (watch video)

The adventurous residents of the «space hotel» will see 16 sunrises and sunsets every day since the hotel will be moving at a speed of 27,500 kilometers per hour!

Those who want to live unique and risky moments, combining earthly comforts and an eerie experience, only have to be patient until 2020, when the first space hotel will open its doors.

Since the most popular tourist destination in the 21st century will be outside the Earth, in space, experts are rushing to have the first space hotel complex ready in the next six years.

According to the BBC, the first space hotel will be moving at a speed of 27,500 kilometers per hour and will be making a complete revolution around the earth every 90 minutes. The bold and generous-as the cost to become a tenant of the space hotel is expected to be hefty-at least initially-will be able to enjoy 16 times the sunrise and the sunset.

The first space hotel will be a creation of the American architecture firm «Wimberley Allison Tong & Goo» (WATG) and will be constructed from recycled fuel tanks jets space shuttle will treat solar energy to cover its needs for electricity and will rotate around itself to produce artificial gravity (one full rotation per minute).
It will be in orbit around the Earth at a distance of 322 kilometers, and will be able to accommodate about 100 people. Customers will be able to spend their time enjoying the experience of weightlessness making spacewalks and trips to the International Space Station – provided of course that it is running to-and, in particular, admiring the view space.

For specialists, space tourism will spend the next year of two stages: the first stage, few space tourists will pay exorbitant amounts to be among the first to enjoy this eerie experience and in the second stage, millions of people will can become tenants of the space hotel and enjoy the universe paying as much money as you will need for a … cruise.

What may seem tiring is that they will have to emulate the … astronauts since will be in zero gravity.