Abstention reaches record level in Sept. 20 election

Discontent? Election fatigue? Indifference, or the cost of heading to the provinces? Day-after elections will focus on record-breaking figure

The biggest “bloc” in Sunday’s Greek elections was “abstention”, with a record-breaking level of roughly 45 percent of registered voters preferring whatever else instead of heading to a ballot box.
The final tally will be announced in the early morning.
Previous elections — national, European and local — that witnessed caravans of urban dwellers return to their provincial home towns, where they still retain voting rights, were significant less on Sunday
As opposed to the referendum in July, toll booths on major highways on Sunday were open for business, while speculation swirled over the effect of yet another election process — the third in 2015 — voter apathy and disappointment, as well as the overall cost of even a day-long excursion to the provinces.