ABTA launches post pandemic recovery guide to support destinations

Users of the guide will be able to identify key operational, service & safety factors that should be considered in accordance with local authorities

ABTA – The Travel Association, has published a Post Pandemic Recovery guide to assist destinations and the travel industry in the complex transition to restarting travel.

The current pandemic has had a catastrophic impact globally and the travel and tourism industry has suffered on an unprecedented scale, and the guide, titled ‘Post Pandemic Recovery: A guide to assist destinations and the travel industry’ has been produced to support travel providers, suppliers, and destination governments to identify areas that should be considered when making modifications to operations as a result of the global crisis.

Developed by ABTA’s Destinations team and a range of external experts, it provides a holistic view of the actions that suppliers of travel and tourism services can take to transition through the operational recovery planning and management process.

The guide is not intended to replace local government or public health authority guidance but has been designed to complement the ABTA Tourism Accommodation Health and Safety Technical Guide and other ABTA publications and guidance. Users of the guide will be able to identify key operational, service, and safety factors that should be considered and introduced in accordance with the local authorities and local public health requirements before they recommence operations and introduce processes that make sure these factors are maintained once their operations resume. Topics include:

  • The customer journey
  • Management responsibility
  • Risk assessment
  • Refinement of operational and service provisions and procedures
  • Health, safety and security
  • Communication
  • Supply chain management
  • Prevention of spread of infection

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Angela Hills, ABTA’s Head of Destinations, says: “For many years the ABTA Destinations team has worked with destination governments, local authorities, accommodation, transport, and excursion providers, and other suppliers of tourist services to support good health and safety management for the benefit of customers and workers in the tourism sector.

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