Albania: 73year old murdered his family and then committed suicide

He disagreed with the marriage of his 17 year old niece and decided to kill her along with her parents and his other brother

A 73 year old Albanian man in a village in the county of south Fieri disagreed with his 17 year old niece engagement and killed 4 members of the family and then committed suicide.
The man broke into the house of the girl and killed with a hunting rifle his two brothers, the mother of the 17 year old, then the girl and finally committed suicide in front of the police. His wife survived since when she heard the shots she ran to hide at neighbors while chased by the offender.

Before putting an end to his life, the offender asked a neighbor for a cell phone to talk with his son in Greece. The neighbor asked him to leave the gun, but the 73 year old gave up trying to talk to his son by fearing that he might fall into the hands of the police, so he went to a field which later committed suicide.