Albanian PM Edi Rama: “We are in talks with Greece about our borders” (video)

New problems ahead for the Balkans

In a statement that raises many questions, the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, speaking on the TV station ‘Vision Plus TV’, commented on the modification of the borders between Kosovo and Serbia that has been discussed lately as a possible solution to the tensions between them.

“What are we talking about today with Greece? The borders. What did Kosovo and Montenegro talk about and everything happened? The borders. Why not discuss the borders between Kosovo and Serbia? We will discuss them because it is a demarcation process”, said Rama, placing Greece in the same position as the countries of the Western Balkans that have border issues.

Speaking to journalist Sokol Bala, the Albanian Prime Minister condemned those opposing the idea of “correcting” Kosovo’s borders, calling Kosovo a “part of Albania”. “For me, Kosovo is part of Albania. The rest are issues of Ramush Haradinaj”, he said, basically responding to what the Kosovo Prime Minister recently said that Tirana is meddling with the domestic affairs of his country.

Edi Rama, once again reiterated that the goal should be the union of Kosovo with Albania, naming it “Plan A”, stressing that the participation of two Kosovars in his government aims to pass this message.

“The union between Albania and Kosovo is not ‘Plan B’ but ‘Plan A’ and I do not imagine this union in the 21st century as a folkloric act,” said Rama, meaning that the union would not only be cultural or linguistic but essentially political.

These statements by the Albanian PM may lead to unknown consequences for the entire region of the Balkans, given that the Ethnic Greek Minority that resides in Northern Epirus (in the southern part of Albania) will most definitely claim the same solution to their issue as Kosovo.