Alicia Silverstone strips for PETA ad to end sheep cruelty

Targets wool industry

American actress, producer, author, activist and vegan Alicia Silverstone strips for the latest animal rights campaign of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), using her sensational body to get the message across: “Choose fake, for animals’ sake!”

The ad, which was first displayed on Instagram, shows Clueless icon posing naked against a bucolic background in an over-the-shoulder gaze with a sheep’s mask in one hand.

The caption on the non-profit’s eye-catching photograph reads: “Actor & bestselling author @aliciasilverstone would rather go naked than wear wool! Sheep are gentle, kind animals who are often beaten, kicked, & mutilated so their wool can be made into sweaters, scarves, & other clothing items. Choose fake, for animals’ sake!”

The ad copy reads: “I’d rather go naked than wear wool. Wear your own skin. Let animals keep theirs.”
An avid animal rights activist, Silverstone has an entire section of her website dedicated to “Animal Life.”

This particular ad campaign represents the second time she has stripped for PETA on behalf of animals. The first time was in a 2007 ad promoting vegetarianism.

Other celebrities who did nude campaigns for the organization that year include actress Eva Mendes and former Playboy Bunny Holly Madison.

In 1993, supermodel Christy Turlington first posed in the nude for the charity’s anti-fur campaign, and ten years later Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson did the honors, wearing nothing but a lettuce bikini. Over the years, PETA has enlisted many high-profile individuals to strip down for the cause of animals rights, including Pink and Khloe Kardashian.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is the largest non-profit animal rights organization worldwide, with over 5 million members and supporters.
Source: AOL