“All you faggots want that Cretan stud!”: Composer Kraounakis fawns over Minister Polakis (videos)

The artist talked about the Minister’s dance at the club he appears

Alternate Health Minister Pavlos Polakis and his gaudy antics and pseudo bravado continued to grab the media spotlight, after music composer and artist Stamatis Kraouankis, an outspoken admirer of Mr Polakis said during his radio show that “all the faggots out there want the tall Cretan stud”.
Kraounakis, who hosts a radio show on leftist SYRIZA-backed radio station “Sto Kokkino” (In the Red) commented on the Minister’s dance at a club called “Grammes” where the radio producer appears.
“With a nod of his ‘Should I come on’ and mine ‘Yes, come’, that mountain (Minister) got on the dance floor and danced one of the best Zeibekiko (slow solo dance) I have ever seen in my entire life, right there in front me”, the artist informed his audience.
Continuing his fawn over the Minister he said: “And from what I was informed by one of my associates who follows all this viral stuff…even his enemies admit that, yes, it is, of course, because all you faggots want him, understand? You want that tall Cretan stud!”