Allah promised me victory: Turkish President Erdogan says in a delusional speech where he threatened Europe to unleash millions of refugees

Turkish President also criticised US over Fethullah Gülen

Only days after his country received 3 billion euros for refugee programmes by the EU, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened the Europeans he would open the flood-gates and let millions of refugees into the continent. “We have been hosting 3.5 million refugees from Syria for seven years. You begged us not to open the gates. If we do, you will not find a hole to hide. We showed humanity, but you do not understand humanity”.

Speaking to a city in the eastern province of Erzurum, the Turkish president attacked the European Parliament for its harsh criticism of the bloody Turkish military operation named “Olive Branch” in the Kurdish-held city of Afrin in northern Syria, amid a booing crowd against the EU that had gathered to listen to his speech.”Decide at last what you want! We showed humanity, but you do not understand humanity”, he said referring to the EU.
With his hand on a casket of a Turkish soldier who was killed in the Afrin advance of the Turkish army in Syria, he said he wanted to become a “martyr” and claimed that Allah promised him victory. “We’re reaching the end,” he said.
“We rescue the oppressed, proud people, persecuted in Syria. You have seen how the oppressed who want to leave Afrin are being persecuted. We found where they are keeping their bombs. We are entering. We will drive them out”, he stressed in a delusional speech to galvanise the crowd and raise morale.
The Turkish President also attacked the US saying Turkey was a nation of 81 million and would not be told what to do. “Where is FETO?”, he wondered. And he answered by himself: “In Pennsylvania”, of course, referring to Fethullah Gülen.