Amazing aerial footage of 2nd highest mounatin in Greece (video)

Mount Smolikas is second only to Mount Olympus

Most history buffs and lovers of Greek mythology know that Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, as well as being the home to 12 gods and the father of the Olympian pantheon Zeus.
But how many, including Greeks, know which the second highest peak in the land of the ancient Greek gods is?
Standing at 2,637 metres in elevation Mt. Smolikas comes in second to the famed Olympus.
Situated in the northwest Ioannina prefecture and on the western border of Grevena prefecture, Smolikas is the highest peak in the Pindus range, and similar to Olympus is a relatively straightforward climb for experienced climbers and hikers.
Home to the uniquely beautiful small alpine lake called “Drakolimni Smolika” (Dragon lake Smolika) near the summit, which is as if straight out of a Lord of the Rings fantasy movie, the mountain is close to 2,200 metres high.
The frigid lake is filled with alpine newt (small salamanders), which continue their lives oblivious to the presence of tourists.