Amazing footage of Portuguese Air Force rescuing Greek captain in Atlantic Ocean (video)

The crew battles with 12-metre-high waves

The Portuguese Air Force has released incredible footage from the rescue operations of a 47-year-old Greek captain in the Atlantic ocean.

The Portuguese authorities were alerted last Saturday about the captain of the ship “Minerva Gloria”, who was suffering from a serious health condition. The ship requested emergency air-assistance to transfer the man to hospital for the necessary medical aid.
The vessel was 420km. southwest of the island of Terceira Island in the Azores archipelago.

According to the bulletin released by the Portuguese Air Force, the winds in the area of the rescue operation were 74-miles p/h, while the waves were 12 metres high.

After high-risk maneuvers in the dangerous weather conditions, the crew of the EH-101 Merlin helicopter managed to lift the 47-year-old Greek captain to the aircraft.
During the whole operation, a P-3C CUP + aircraft also was also flying in the area.

The bulletin said that the man was safely transferred to the Divino Espírito Santo Hospital in Ponta Delgada.