Amazing referee saves Muay Thai fighter from serious injury (harsh KO-video)

The fighter was KO’d unconscious

Referees in martial arts often come under criticism – sometimes rightly so – for their calls during bouts. But their job is not an easy one, as they are called upon to strike a balance between allowing the fighters to perform within the rules of the sport, while simultaneously facilitating the entertainment factor for the viewers and protecting the athletes’ health.

A referee in a Muay Thai bout in Bangkok earned all the respect of all fight fans after diving to the canvas to save a fighter from a serious neck injury.

During the bout one of the athletes was struck with a vicious elbow that effectively rendered him unconscious while he was still standing.

During the second round of a tense fight, So Sovarathana from Cambodia managed to strike his opponent, Thai fighter Neymar Paeminburee right in the head.

The elbow strike was so severe that Paeminburee lost consciousness and started falling, but Thai referee Sittichai Ineiad managed to rush to the spot and place his hand under the falling fighter’s head, saving him from a potential injury.