“You b**tch” song earns talent spot in next rnd of Greece’s Got Talent! (must watch video!)

You “b**tch” song wins puts him into next round

A young lad from the city of Volos caleld Thanasis has gone viral on the internet after stealing the show on the TV reality talent production “Greece’s Got Talent” on Skai TV. The young man appears on stage in a very relaxed and easygoing manner immediately winning over the three judges with his demeanour. But he really sealed it after singing his self-biographical song about his ex-girlfriend who he had seen cheating on him with someone else in a bar. The refrain of the song was hilarious as he used the word “cargiola” to describe her treachery which made the crowd burst into laughter. The word can be translated into English as “bitch”. His voice was amazing as was his overall performance, which won him a spot in the next round. Could we be seeing one of the contestants to go far in the talent competition? We’ll see.