American biologist murder: Police question two witnesses

The 60-year old woman was found dead after going missing on July 2

Investigations by Greek police are ongoing over the suspected murder of American biologist Suzanne Eaton, whose body was found on Wednesday in a cave on the island of Crete.

Suzanne Eaton, 60, who worked for the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, based in Dresden, Germany, was on the Mediterranean island to attend a conference but disappeared on July 2.

The coroner’s office confirmed on Wednesday that a body recovered two days earlier in a cave was hers, according to a statement from her employer.
Police officers have already spoken to two people who saw the unfortunate 60-year-old a few hours before she went missing.

According to Daily Mail’s correspondent to the area, the possible witnesses are an 85-year-old farmer and an elderly fisherman who testified to the police that they saw the woman in the village of Afrata, about 4.5km away. from the cave where her body was found.

“There is an ongoing homicide investigation being led by the police of Crete, which has taken comprehensive measures to ensure that the responsible party (-ies) will be brought to justice,” police said.
A new element to the case is the photos of the opening where the body of the biologist was thrown into the cave.

The opening was used by the Nazi occupying forces during WW2 as a machine gun bunker.