AMLO wins Mexican Presidential Election

Mexico goes hard Left

Mexico’s leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has won his presidential bid after the rest of the candidates backed out of the race. The early poll results showed the president-elect pulling more than 40 percent of the votes in the early voting results.

The win by Lopez Obrador, also known as AMLO, is historic in nature since many in Mexico considered the election as a way of fighting back against the establishment. It is also the first time in recent history where rival candidates have conceded so early after the initial results were cast. Private polling companies initially had AMLO and the second placeholder as having a tight race. However, the early official results showed a clear leader.

Soon after the early result began to be broadcast at 8 p.m., Jose Antonio Meade, the candidate for the ruling Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI) acknowledged his defeat. He stated that exit polls favored AMLO and backed out of the race. Early poll results had Meade pulling 18.2 percent of the votes as per Mexico’s National Elections Institute (INE).

The move was soon followed by the second most favorable candidate Ricardo Anaya of the National Action Party (PAN) who also acknowledged his defeat. The PAN is considered to be the conservative party in Mexico. Anaya managed to pull 27 percent of the early vote results as per Mexico’s INE.

The last place contender, Jaime Rodriguez “El Bronco” Calderon also pulled out of the race after only getting 5.6 percent of the early votes.

Source: breitbart