An elderly man loses his leg when hit by runaway bus

in Agia Sofia, Piraeus

An out-of-control bus collided with two cars, pulling them along with it for at least two blocks, while an elderly man, who was seriously injured in the accident, has lost one leg and is in critical condition at KAT hospital.

According to eyewitnesses, two cars had originally crashed at the junction of Fotios Korytsas and Asklypiou in Piraeus.

Subsequently, the driver of Bus 915 which was passing by at that moment, got off the bus to see how he was going to get his vehicle around the obstacle.

According to passengers, the bus started rolling away at that moment, pulling everything in its path along with it for two whole blocks, including trees, parked cars, and the elderly man, who is now on life support at KAT hospital.

The bus came to a halt after crashing into two parked cars.

The traffic police, the ambulance and the fire brigade arrived at the scene to investigate the causes of the accident that seriously injured an elderly man and resulted in the loss 
of his leg.