Anarchist group ‘Rouvikonas’ assumes responsibility for attack on the Canadian Embassy (video)

They said it was because of the support the Canadian government provided to Eldorado Gold

Anarchist group “Rovikonas” assumed responsibility for an attack on the Canadian Embassy in Athens in a post uploaded on an anti-establishment website.
In the post, the group explained it has attacked the Embassy of Canada due to the Canadian government’s support to Eldorado Gold mining company. The anarchist group released a video of the attack.
About 10 hooded persons broke the window glass in the vestibule of the building with sledgehammers, threw black and red paints on the walls and fled.

“The Canadian state through its embassy in Athens constantly support the mining corporation Eldorado Gold, responsible for mass destruction of the natural habitat at Chalkidiki region and other places in north Greece.
The mining activities vanish agent forests and polluting earth and waters.”, the group wrote.