Anarchists group Rubikon attacks Alimos Town Hall

They declare that the current action is part of the first World Day of Action

Damages at the Alimos Town Hall were caused on Monday morning by members of the anarchist group “Rubikon”.

According to a proclamation they posted on an anarchist website, they argue that this attack was due to the death of a municipal waste truck driver on November 16th on NATO Avenue.

“By destroying the glass windows and painting the town hall in Alimos, a purely symbolic move, we break the window of one of the most corrupt and ineffective institutions, that of local government, from the largest municipality to the last community, that do nothing more than develop customer relations, favoritism, fragmentation and of course countless financial scandals that, if they had been avoided, could solve the country’s economic problem”, the anarchist group says in its text.

Finally, Rubikon announces that “our current action is part of the first World Day of Action in which we participate with other anarchist, autonomous and anti-authoritarian groups from 15 countries in more than 60 cities throughout the world”.