Ancient Continent discovered hiding beneath Europe

And “Greater Adria” is its name…

A mega-continent has been discovered that slid beneath Europe hundreds of millions of years ago.

While today we experience extreme weather patterns and the effects of the changing climate there has never been a safer time to live on planet Earth . 140 million years ago a supercontinent called Greater Adria slid beneath the landmass that is today southern Europe and researchers have now visually recreated the lost continent .

Science magazine reported on the new study which was published earlier this month in the journal  Gondwana Research , which established that Gondwana, a vast southern supercontinent made up of Africa, Antarctica, South America, and Australia included ‘Greater Adria’, a landmass that extended from what is now the Alps all the way to Iran.

Lead author of the paper, Douwe van Hinsbergen, the chair in global tectonics and paleogeography in the Department of Earth Sciences at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, said that not all of the landmass was above the water and that it was a string of islands or archipelagos, which would have been “good for scuba diving”, he added.

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