Ancient Greek Sandals joins forces with Lalaounis Jewellers (photos)

Ancient Greek Sandals worn by Rihanna, Beyonce and other fashion icons take on another dimension

Christina Martini worked with famous fashion houses such as Missoni, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton before deciding to combine her life for Ancient Greece with shoe design to create Ancient Greek Sandals. Inspired by antiquity she created innovative designs that have rapidly grown to become must-haves for international celebrities. This summer, the Ancient Greek Sandals are once again in the limelight due to a collaboration with Lalaounis, that will decorate the sandals with fine details.

Much has been said about how the collaboration took place. “Christina approached me and proposed that we work together. Our stand on the creative process and our characters are alike, so we dared and moved forth,” says Maria Lalouni in reference to the venture.

On her part, Christina says that the idea came following a brainstorming session. “In the beginning, I didn’t think that our plans would be realized. Finally, after speaking with Maria I sent some proposals and she found the idea interesting. We met and immediately realized that we could work together as we share the same vision. The entire process between us was particularly creative,” she says.

Ancient Greek Sandals with Ιlias LALAoUNIS is leather with bronze and gold-plated decorations in 7 designs.