ANEL’s Parliamentary Group meeting postponed

Two of ANEL’s MPs would not participate in the meeting

The intense hammering of opposition MPs to the National Defense Minister Panos Kammenos on the issue of the F-16 modernization program and its relevant offsets was the reason for postponing the meeting of the ANEL Parliamentary group.

The meeting of seven Independent Greeks (six and Panos Kammenos) was scheduled for 11 am, but the debate on the F-16 offsets, which began at about 10 am, lasted almost until 14:00 at noon and was the reason for the Parliament group of the co-governing party not to meet.

Two of ANEL’s MPs would not participate in the meeting that Panos Kammenos announced on Saturday night in order to “finalize” his party’s stance regarding the ratification of the Prespa Agreement with FYROM.

Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura is in Toronto, Canada, and on this occasion, she will once again not speak clearly if she will vote the Prespa Agreement or not.

Accordingly, Deputy Minister of Rural Development, Vassilios Kokkalis, who also chose to be absent from the meeting, has opposed the agreement but he does not agree with ANEL’s withdrawal from the government.