Ankara mayor warns of ‘manmade quake’ threat against Turkey!

Foreign powers want to destroy economy!

Ankara’s mayor stated that an earthquake that recently hit Turkey’s northwest was probably caused by the followers of cleric Fethulah Gulen’s organization, blamed for masterminding the July coup as well.
“They are trying to strike Turkey by causing an earthquake near Istanbul. Some people could laugh at me, but I am worried about it. All submarines and ships with serious equipment in Marmara and Dardanelles, close to Istanbul should be put under control,” Gokcek said on Twitter…
Gokcek expressed concerns about a potential earthquake that could be caused artificially and he added that a ship near Canakkale was reportedly conducting seismological researches.
The earthquake that hit the northwestern Turkish province of Canakkale was 5.2-magnitude and it destroyed more than 100 houses.
In July 2016, the military attempted to overthrow government, but the coup was suppressed by the state forces on the next day. The authorities accused Gulen and his followers of masterminding the attempt.