Another thrilling final countdown

Right before the Eurogroup and tomorrow’s Summit

The latest developments in the treadmill of negotiations with lenders are becoming dramatic, since everything is now open, after the Greek Prime Minister’s statement on the “Institutions” shortly before he departed for Brussels.


Alexis Tsipras admitted that the partners refused the equivalent measures, underlining that this has two possible reasons: “Either they want no deal, or they serve special interests in Greece”.


The PM is visiting Brussels urgently, a day before the Summit and only a few hours prior to today’s crucial Eurogroup which should confirm the last stage of the deal.


Mr. Tsipras will arrive in Brussels at 1pm local time, accompanied by the government’s VP, Yannis Dragasakis.


Mr. Tsipras was invited by EC president Jean-Claude Juncker in order to partake in a meeting with the heads of the institutions, including ECB’s Mario Draghi, the IMF’s Christine Lagarade, and Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem, as well as Thomas Wieser and Klaus Regling.