Arctic weather in Greece: Serious problems from the snowfall and the frost! (PHOTOS)

Many villages are cut off – Two people are dead

The island of Alonnisos has no power and Skopelos is almost buried under 1,5 meters of snow, while at Kimi there are tens of villages cut off. At the island of Oinousses there is no telephone connection for four days and in Crete the snowfall has created serious problems too. In Macedonia the frost left thousands of houses without water for hours while at Florina the temperature fell to -19!
These are only some of the problems the bad weather has caused to Greece.


The weather conditions also claimed the life of two people.


A 77-year-old man who had gone out of his house on a field was found unconscious suffering from hypothermia and he later died in hospital.


A 78-year-old woman died of the smoke fumes from the fireplace she was using to keep warm.


The bad weather will continue in the following days.


In many places the schools are closed and it is still unclear when they will re-open.


The pictures from allover the country are spectacular:









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