Arizona man sells his $5 Million Ranch because of constant, violent…Alien attacks! (video)

He claims he’s killed 18 “grays” on his ranch with a samurai sword!


A gorgeous ranch in Buckeye, Arizona, is on the market for $5 million because the owner, John Edmonds, claims he experiences “constant and persistent alien attacks” on the property. This video dives into the details of the mysterious “alien ranch” and why Edmonds thinks it’s a hotbed of extraterrestrial activity.

Edmonds and his wife moved into the ranch 20 years ago and they’ve experienced alien interactions ever since. He claims he’s killed 18 “grays,” as he refers to the alleged aliens, on his ranch with a samurai sword. He also says his wife has survived an attempted alien kidnapping.

Watch the video to see what Edmonds offers as evidence for his claims that aliens haunt his ranch. Would you cough up the $5 million for a place like this?

Source: ranker