“Armed Revolutionary Forces” claim responsibility for grenade attack against police station

Group posted announcement on website

The group calling itself “Armed Revolutionary Forces” assumed responsibility for a grenade attack against the police station of Kessariani, Athens last Monday, February 26. The group posted their statement on an anti-establishment website explaining that they had targeted the police precinct in response to the “violent and unprecedented kidnapping of Konstantinos Yagtzoglou from the Korydallos prison to the detention facilities of Larissa”.
“We carried out the grenade assault on the Kessariani police precinct the morning of Monday 26/2 as a direct and first response to the unprecedented and violent kidnapping of comrade Constantinos Yagtzoglou from the prisons of Korydallos to the prisons of Larissa while he was already on a hunger strike in order to break his morale”, the group wrote in their declaration. The attack resulted in the injury of a taxi driver who was passing by at the moment of the explosion. Police had initially tried to cover up the incident, but it was exposed after the taxi driver was taken to a hospital to receive medical treatment.