At least 6,500 Covid-19 sample checks carried out on inbound passengers on July 1

The results of the tests are expected later today

At least 6,500 sample checks on an equal number of passengers on approximately 235 international flights were reported yesterday, the first day for the resumption of foreign tourism in Greece. Greek authorities, as well as the experts of the special Committee of Experts, and of course the government are waiting for the results of the tests with the data of the molecular screening tests for the virus expected late this afternoon.

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The operational part of this screening was successfully carried out by teams from the Hellenic National Public Health Organisation and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection who were responsible for collecting the samples.

The process of sampling passengers on flights from foreign countries, using a “smart” algorithm that calculates, based on the QR code that travellers must display, if they are more likely to be carriers of the virus, will continues at a steady pace.