Athens hotel prices drop 24% in June compared to last year

Madrid hotels recorded the largest (44%) drop

Hotel prices in Athens fell by 24% in June, compared to June 2019, with Athenian hotels – many of which remain closed – ranked in the middle of the table in terms of price reduction in other major European cities.

Based on data from the trivago search engine, out of a total of 17 representative European cities that are tourist destinations, all have declined on an annual basis, except in Brussels and Paris, where June prices are exactly at same levels as last June.

In Athens, hotel prices are set at an average of 84 euros this year in June from 122 euros in June 2018 and 111 euros in June 2019.

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On an annual basis across Europe, the largest drop (-44%) in the prices of hotels were recorded in Madrid, where from 154 euros in June 2019 prices fell to 86 euros this year, while Dublin fell 42% with prices this June at 97 euros from 166 euros in the corresponding month last year.

From the cities (Athens, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Warsaw, Berlin, Vienna, Brussels, Dublin, Zurich, Istanbul, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, the most prestigious hotels in the region, Reykjavik, Rome, Rome) Zurich had a slight drop at 171 euros (2%) against 174 euros which was the average price in June 2019. In contrast, the lowest price, just 53 euros this June was recorded in Constantinople (Istanbul) from 66 euros in June 2019, down 19% from last June.