Athens in top 10 dream destinations for 2018, according to Kayak (videos)

Travel search engine site used its users to reach 10 best places to visit for 2018

Athens was ranked 8th in the list of most popular destinations, according to searches the users of Kayak travel platform.
After 2017, when destinations in Asia dominated the list, Europe bounced back based on Kayak, as the site’s users included 7 European cities from the top 10.

The top travel search engine had recently published a list of the most trending destinations this year. To come up with the top 10, Kayak initially identified the 100 destinations with the most user searches for travel between March 2017 and February 2018. It then marked the 10 cities with the largest increase in searches compared to last year.

1. Maui, Hawaii – Cheaper month: September

2. Barcelona, ​​Spain – Cheapest month: January

3. Bali, Indonesia – Cheapest month: November

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands – Cheapest month: January

5. Lisbon, Portugal – Cheapest month: February

6. Las Vegas, Nevada – Cheapest month: August

7. Madrid, Spain: Cheaper month: March

8. Athens, Greece – Cheaper month: February

9. Paris, France: Cheapest month: January

10. Rome, Italy: Cheaper month: February