Athens in top 100 cities wordlwide for weekend getaways

According to WeenekdGo

Athens is ranked 91st among the top 100 cities to spend 48 hours, according to WeenekdGo. The goal of the study was not only to define which factors make a city great for short visits, but also which trips are best suited to different age groups and dynamics.
To determine the criteria for the study, the company looked at all the factors which could affect a weekend trip, such as time spent stuck in traffic and the availability of accommodation.

Athens was best suited for the generation of baby boomers, followed by families and millennials. It is the 79th most suitable weekend town for baby boomers.
As far as accommodation is concerned, Athens is ranked 56th in terms of the choices it offers visitors, 41st for food, 80th for bars, 59th for museums, 27th for cultural events, 85th in gay friendliness and 79th in security. As the 5 best cities for weekend getaways, London, Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg and Paris gained tiop spots. The 100 cities came from an evaluation of 1,000 cities and their ranking according to life criteria (transport, accommodation and green areas) (restaurants, bars and clubs), activities available (concerts, cultural events, museums and galleries, theaters) and security (women’s safety, gay friendliness, safety).