Athens reacts strongly to the Turkish provocation in Kastellorizo: “Those responsible should be brought to justice”

Kastellorizo is targeted by Turkey once again

A statement condemning the insult of the Greek flag in Kastellorizo ​​by Turkish nationalists was issued by the Greek Foreign Ministry, noting that actions like this threaten to intensify the prospects of escalation of the tension and calls on Ankara to bring those responsible to justice.

“We unequivocally condemn yesterday’s insult of the Greek flag in Kastellorizo. Such unacceptable actions are intended to boost the prospects of escalating tensions between the two countries. We expect the Turkish authorities to immediately condemn and investigate the incident, so that those responsible can be brought to justice”, the Foreign Ministry said in its statement.

On Saturday morning, a group of Turkish engineers carried out a provocative act in Kastellorizo, throwing red paint on the large Greek flag painted on the rock above the port of the island which can be seen from the opposite Turkish coast.

This is reported by the Turkish television station KARAR TV, which published the video in question, with drone footage, showing Kastellorizo ​​from above and the Greek flag, after the sabotage with the red paint.

“After the burning of the Turkish flag during demonstrations in Thessaloniki, Greece, a political group of Turkish engineers painted the huge Greek flag on the island of Kastellorizo ​​red”, said KARAR TV, which published the controversial drone footage.

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On July 25, during a protest march in Thessaloniki for the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque, some individuals burned the Turkish flag.

Authorities believe the drone was the one that flew over Kastellorizo ​​early on Saturday morning, carrying a loudspeaker from which the Turkish national anthem and Ottoman battle hymns could be heard, upsetting the island’s small community. However, it is being investigated how the vandalism of the Greek flag took place.