Athens Stock Market drops 1% on opening

It came as a result of the fall of European markets ahead of GDP data

The Athens Stock Exchange recorded a 1% fall on its Friday opening , following the liquidations of the European markets.

The General Index is down by 0.99% to 630.96 points, with trading shares amounting to 1.9 million euros. European markets are losing more than 1% as European GDP data for the first quarter is expected to be released.

However, the fall in Athens market on its closing on Thursday does not appear concerning, as the sentiment is for the market to maintain its strength of around 630 units. The fall in bank shares is not particularly stressful as it reached up to 1.5% (National Bank)

The share of Eurobank is losing 1.64% to 0.4024 euros. The share of the National Bank fell by 1.54% to 1.1045 euros, while there was a drop of 0.67% for Alpha bank to 0.504 euros, 1.04% drop for Piraeus Bank to 1.1455 euros. A 1.48% fall for OTE to 13.33 euros was also recorded. OPAP fell 1.67% to 7,965 euros.