Athens’ streets: Models, bouzouki, “hot” shorts and problems

The inside scoop of everyday life in the Greek capital

Athens. A capital that has a lot to tell a walker, but so much to hide as well.

It’s magic to walk the streets of the capital, especially at night, when the daily stress has subsided. So we took a camera for a walk in the main streets of Athens.

Homeless Reality
High noon at the intersection of Akadimias and Ippokratous outside a bank branch where a homeless person has taken off his shoes, rolled down a sheet, used his jacket as a pillow and fell into a deep sleep.
And the life goes on with normality in the beautiful city…

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Off Duty

Panepistimiou bustles every day with people going up and down while cars travel along the roads by the hundreds. Here, however, a man sits “off duty” after the use of narcotics, a problem which has plagued the city for years. People just keep on walking.

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Strong Graffiti art

In just one night, in one of the few plots left in Charilaou Trikoupi, between Panepistimiou and Akadimias, a very good piece of graffiti art was born.

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He continues baking corn at 88
A corn baker in the summer and a chestnut cook in the cold days of winter. He is one of the few left in Athens

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The lavender bouquet of Mrs. Helen

With a lot of care she sits and makes bouquets of lavender. In some of these, she even places white flowers giving them a different picture with the marvelous contrast between white and purple.

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Musical breaths in the city
Initially two teenage friends got their instruments and sat in the streets for pocket money. Now, the company has grown.

Different centuries

The struggles of the EFEE

It is difficult, but not impossible, to have two different architectural cultures next to one another, despite the fact that some centuries divide them.

National Library of Greece

The same architectural contrast is seen in the National Library, which dominates Panepistimiou street.

Advertising photo in the Library
Said grandiose face is even offered to advertisement photography

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Waiting at the bus stop

Just in front of the Library there is a bus stop. A young lady was waiting for the bus to arrive, while gazing at the models being photographed at the Library. However, the lens captured the young lady and her own charms.

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